“We invest not just in properties, but the people, lifestyles, and communities they inspire.”

We contribute to the communities in which we build through direct donations that address local needs wherever we build. We are also dedicated to fostering a lasting culture of giving and service by employees and the residents of our communities nationally. Charitable events and volunteer engagement opportunities are organized as a standard brand element. This connects residents to their neighborhood, which improves happiness and a sense of well-being.


Through the company’s Angel Corp charity, Southern Land pursues a goal to provide one act of kindness every day. The fund is uniquely designed to provide expedited emergency funding to deal with people’s financial hardships caused by illness, domestic violence, loss of income or other issues.

The Angel Corp is managed by Southern Land employees, partnering with selected emergency agencies and nonprofits. On average, $1,000 is donated every day to provide help that can change the trajectory of a family in crisis.

An example of Angel Corp assistance would be a domestic violence situation that is forcing a family into a hotel or temporary housing when they lack funds to buy beds or groceries. Another common donation is to families that are on the brink of becoming homeless, or are homeless, due to emergency medical conditions or crisis that temporarily prevents a caretaker or breadwinner from working.

Angel Fund assistance in the $500 to $4,000 range can make a life-changing impact for a family confronted with hardship.