CEO Tim Downey Speaks About Southern Land Company’s 30 Years

By Tim Downey

“Last month, I had the honor of celebrating the 30th anniversary of Southern Land Company with our local employees at the beautiful botanical gardens at Cheekwood. My wife Denise was there to support me, as she has for the past four decades.

During the event, we celebrated the Southern Land employees that are the very lifeblood of this company. We also spoke about our continued commitment to traditional, high-quality community design while, at the same time, always looking forward.

As CEO and founder of Southern Land, I know it is our responsibility to ensure that our business lives up to its full potential to support our communities and ultimately improve people’s lives. Companies everywhere are increasingly tasked with contributing to the greater good. We are equipped to do this, but going forward, we will set the bar even higher for our standards of corporate social responsibility and philanthropy.

We are also going to work hard to align our investment strategy with our values. We want to partner with investors who are interested in holding and managing properties for the longer term. This will mean building relationships with both institutional and individual investors who share our vision. Our capital markets team is already spearheading these efforts.

I couldn’t be prouder of what Southern Land Company has become. Here’s to another wonderful 30 years.”