Southern Land Company is committed to giving back to the communities where we work. From support of programs such as The Cottage in rural Georgia to the formation of the Westhaven Foundation, Southern Land Company has a rich history of providing support and assistance to those who need it. Hillsboro Tomorrow demonstrates a sincere commitment to the public school system in Williamson County, as well as the donation of the land for Pearre Creek Elementary School. In 2010, Southern Land Company was able to provide land moving equipment to the Cottonwood community to help with flood relief efforts.

“Thank you so much for all of your support, food, supplies and volunteers during our flood clean-up process. We could not have gotten as much done in Cottonwood without the help from so many volunteers. The flood certainly brought together a wonderful network of family, friends and volunteers. All who have helped us rebuild our homes and our lives. Those of us in Cottonwood will forever be grateful for your generosity and especially for thinking of us during “the great flood.” Again, thank you to the wonderful staff and family at Southern Land Company.” — The Donavans

With the formation of the SLC Foundation, our mission going forward, is to assist disadvantaged youth, helping them to change the course of their life and become positive and contributing members of society by providing safe housing, healing, mentoring, recovery and education.