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Welcome to Insights!

by Tim Downey

Tuesday, January 12, 2016.                        

This is an exciting era for cities. Many communities are seeing an intense rejuvenation in the urban core as a generation of people are migrating to city centers as their home and workplace. As a result, communities are focused on the best way to accommodate growth – smart, intentional, creative and businesslike.

That makes it an especially exhilarating time for Southern Land Company. When I founded Southern Land in 1986, it was with the belief that community is the heart of every successful development project, and that real estate could – and should – be beautiful. We set out on a mission to create a new kind of neighborhood, ones that are elegant, comfortable and convenient. The best way to achieve it, we thought, would be to holistically integrate the talents of developers, planners, architects and builders within one company.

Today we have a deeply talented team of professionals with expertise in planning, design, construction, and landscaping. Together, we believe in big ideas and pay attention to each and every detail required to realize them.

Within this era of urban transformation, we thought it would be fun to start an ongoing conversation about the fundamental-yet-forward-thinking concepts that are important to smart development in our urban centers.  For example, people tend to want their homes to feel like a refuge, yet they also want access to cities’ cultural assets that have traditionally only existed in the urban core. Community members now want a high-end living experience, but they are concerned about pricing out longstanding residents. These seemingly contradictory desires are forcing developers to think in new ways about density, transit and community involvement. We are finding that, in many cases, these demands aren’t contradictory at all when builders think outside the box about what a community can be.

So today we launch Insights, a Southern Land Company blog that will drive ideas along three categories – design, build and live. You will find post topics that include community planning and engagement, design, smart living, horticulture, retail and transportation.

Insights will keep readers tuned to the latest news in smart urban development, the highest-quality reports that industry thought-leaders are reading and the most creative ways that leaders are improving the quality of life within communities.

We are excited for Insights to be a new portal to engage communities, planners, policymakers and citizens in the vital conversation about smart development.

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