Safety Comes First for Southern Land Company

At Southern Land Company (“SLC”) we pride ourselves on our innovative single family, multifamily and commercial developments, but the road to our unique and beautiful communities truly starts from the ground up—and the workers who lay the foundation. On Friday, Oct. 22, we held a “Safety First” lunch at Hillsboro’s Metro fire station on Richard Jones Road near our developing 4000 Hillsboro community.

Friday’s event focused on the importance of fire safety, as well as ensuring that workers know the proper plugs to use on-site during development. Project safety manager Tim Street led the presentation as site workers, wearing bright pink shirts that commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, enjoyed a BBQ lunch. An interactive demonstration on the right way to use a fire extinguisher followed outside of the fire station.

Tim Street emphasized SLC’s use of the OSHA standard when it comes to hazard prevention and safety. For Street, safety is about staying two steps ahead of any incidents. He credits his military background to creating an on-site culture of safety.

“The most important part of it is for me to hold each superintendent and supervisor accountable for safety,” said Street. “It’s all about a safety culture. You’ve got to build a culture from the get-go to make sure employees have an ownership of their people. That makes my job easier and it’s how I achieve a safe worksite.”