The Southern Land Difference

A holistic approach
to excellence

Inspired by Walt Disney’s desire to inspire creativity, innovation, and interaction – both within the organization and across projects – Founder and CEO Tim Downey has built a full-service, vertically integrated development company founded on the belief that successful real estate developments can also be beautiful and sustainable works of art.

To this day, Tim cultivates an understanding that every project is an opportunity to create a remarkable living environment that enhances quality of life while optimizing return on investment.

The Industry’s best & brightest
All Under one Roof

We are 320 of the industry’s foremost and most forward-looking experts in sustainable planning, architecture, design, construction, marketing, and customer service working to ensure that each project is distinctive and successful.

With creativity and innovation as guiding principles, our business model enables direct communication between planning, architecture, construction, and operations professionals to collaborate over the complete property lifecycle. Careful design, and detailed execution streamline the development process and create value for our homeowners, tenants, and investors.

Inspired Design

“Our talented designers are given the freedom to explore new ideas, innovate and create uniquely beautiful places.”

Great design starts with hiring the best talent within a culture that nurtures imagination and innovation. Our design and engineering group is composed of all professional disciplines. Architects, interior designers, engineers, landscape designers, and master planners work together to envision uniquely beautiful places.

The design group collaborates with in-house construction and development experts to find the perfect balance between form and function.

Passion for Horticultural Beauty

“Stunning landscapes, beautiful gardens, and parks are at the heart of our communities. We believe nothing more profoundly transforms people.”

Uplifting vistas, gardens, parks, and plantscapes are features of every Southern Land community. Talented architects, horticulturists, and designers create imaginative outdoor spaces filled with color and natural beauty that instill a sense of peace and happiness. The company diligently tends to the care and appearance of all the horticulture within open spaces, trails, gardens, and streets. On-site greenhouses and nurseries ensure quality materials are available to maintain high standards.

Fun, Activation, and Fulfillment

“People today expect more from their communities. They also seek convenience, entertainment, and self-fulfillment.”

To meet the needs of today’s consumers, Southern Land designs and programs all project types to inspire a sense of community. This perspective supports delivering the activation, entertainment, and daily conveniences that consumers want. Imaginative placemaking encourages social interaction that connects people through shared experiences.

Incorporating current trends leads to curated environments and amenities specific to the market. Once activated, operations staff with a heart for service provide residents and visitors an abundance of events and services to foster their sense of contentment and belonging.

Property Management

Our Property Management professionals provide a higher level of service. Operations staff efficiently provide all HOA and mixed-use property management services; including commercial & retail leasing, multi-family launch, leasing, and sales. We provide a uniquely high level of resident services, including concierge desks, live entertainment, wellness, social interactions, and amenities to inspire happiness.

Community Collaboration and Engagement

“We seek to find a balance between the project plan and the needs of the community.”

Southern Land patiently partners with local governing, economic, and environmental experts when planning new developments. The company’s experience with many types of public-private partnerships has earned it a great reputation for finding creative solutions that balance entitlements and project plans with community visioning and social needs.

Care is taken to transparently engage with the community and surrounding neighborhoods to foster understanding and improve outcomes for all stakeholders.

Hospitality Team

Providing a higher level of hospitality and service are so central to our brand promise and resident experience that we have a dedicated Hospitality team. These industry experts collaborate with all of our development and property management people and develop and conduct staff training to implement premium service standards across our entire portfolio. This ensures our residents enjoy special touches and experiences that are usually limited to premium hotels, resorts, and restaurants; right at home.

Southern Land also operates the award-winning Westhaven Golf Club in Franklin, TN. This full-service private club delivers exceptional service and customer support.

Preserve, Create, Sustain

“Our commitment to environmental stewardship preserves natural resources, creates new resources, and fosters a culture of sustainability within our communities.”

Environmental stewardship starts with preserving existing natural resources and incorporating them into the project whenever possible. Tree stands, waterways, and other natural habitats are viewed as valuable assets and amenities by residents and the community.

During development, new natural areas are created, such as parks, nature trails, and lakes, providing habitat for wildlife and connecting people to nature within peaceful and beautiful surroundings. Up to 50% of the land in master-planned communities remains natural or open space.

The company developed a comprehensive street tree and horticulture standard that cultivates tall heirloom species that will mature into stunning shade canopies to be enjoyed for generations to come. They have already planted over 10,000 trees and are committed to planting 10,000 more in the coming decade.

Southern Land deploys green building and conservation technology in all building types. Perhaps the greatest long-term impact comes from engaging residents in environmental conservation education, volunteerism, and community programs that promote a culture of participation that may last a lifetime.