Westhaven Holds First Ever ParkFest

Westhaven Holds First Ever ParkFest

In 2012, a Westhaven Foundation member shared an interesting article about a unique music festival in Ithica, New York, called Porchfest. The organizers described it in the following way: “A festival with minimal organization and almost no budget has helped to put our neighborhood on the map.” The Westhaven Community decided to give it a try.

Since that time, Westhaven’s Porchfest has grown exponentially in popularity and attendance. It has been a collaborative effort of the Westhaven Foundation and Southern Land Company and has been such a success because of homeowners who have allowed their front porches to become stages, countless musicians and songwriters who have volunteered to play music, hardworking logistical and planning volunteers, and generous sponsors.

Due to COVID-19, the Westhaven Foundation and Southern Land Company made the difficult decision to pause the 9th Annual Porchfest but recognized the importance of music to this community and wanted to find a way for residents to gather outside and listen to great live music, while not imposing on individual homeowners and close-by neighbor. After several discussions, both the Foundation and SLC thought what better way to experience the great outdoors than to listen to music in some of the beautiful community parks in Westhaven.

On Saturday, October 3rd, Westhaven held its first ever ParkFest event with live music at a variety of the parks such as Crossroads Park, Foundation Park, Founders’ Square, Giving Tree Park, and the Great Lawn at the Residents’ Club.

It was a lovely day with the community coming together, at a safe distance, to enjoy live music and their neighbors. Southern Land Company continues to inspire people within their communities and foster meaningful experiences.