“What’s Blooming in an SLC Community?” Front Porches, of Course!

From the main entrance of our communities to the front porches of our residents, visitors are welcomed with blooming plants in containers of all shapes and sizes. From the humble 12-inch pots that line steps leading to a wrap-around porch, to the terra cotta containers at the pool that a family of four could fit in, eye-popping color combinations abound.

Back in 2013, the Flower Lady at one of SLC’s single-family communities, Tucker Hill, provided these 10 tips for container gardening.  We think they are well worth repeating …

  1. Biggest is best. Super-sized containers need watered less often and more soil is more room for roots!
  2. Check drainage often. If water sets in the bottom of the pot and roots sit in the water, they will rot and the plants will not survive.
  3. Feed the soil. Remember that when you water, nutrients are washed out. Find a fertilizer that works and use it consistently.
  4. Know your plants requirements. Sun, shade, water, pH, and partner plants are all things to consider.
  5. Water wisely… too much is just as lethal as too little.
  6. Match containers to your architecture. Line the steps, flank the front door, hang baskets from the rafters or boxes under the windows! It is all good when it fits the style of your home.
  7. Be brave with color and texture.  There are so many wonderful plants readily available these days. Try new varieties; find new favorites.
  8. Make your containers seasonal. You can combine annuals, perennials, ornamental grasses, and smaller evergreen shrubs in a pot. It is called a container garden!
  9. Dead head spent blooms. It makes a difference.
  10. Have fun with it!