About Southern Land Company

“We enrich lives by creating an authentic sense of home, happiness and community.”

Southern Land Company’s Vision:

Realize the full potential of real estate through the powers of our imagination, design, and collaboration skills to create extraordinary communities.

The Company

Building In Top Markets Nationally

Strategy and Market

We have succeeded by adhering to a proven set of standards and business principles. In addition to our fully-integrated business structure, we follow a proven process that reduces risk, increases prices, and improves returns. Rigorous research and planning combined with better design and a higher level of personal service create strong market differentiation.


Develop in top national markets with superior demographics, strong incomes, job growth, insufficient supply and barriers to entry.


Conduct intense research to find the best sites having some unique or unreplaceable characteristic. Locations should offer strong lifestyle amenities, including walkability, access to transit, employment nodes, and entertainment.

Best-Use and Zoning

Utilize our diverse property types and expertise to determine the highest and best use for sites. We use our strong collaboration skills and patience to obtain the desired entitlements that best serve the community, and succeed in challenging locations.

Better Design and Planning

Create places that people love by balancing form and function through imaginative design, better floor planning, and great amenities.

Meticulous Construction

Our in-house construction experts are engaged throughout the entire development process, which improves quality and execution.

Utilization of Horticulture

Use horticulture to create stunning landscapes, create pride of ownership, and create beautiful environments that connect residents, nature, and neighbors.

Superior Hospitality and Service

Providing a higher level of hotel-like services and support along with quality entertainment, social gatherings, and personal experiences elevates our communities above the market. This builds loyalty, improves sales, and results in higher brand value.


We were founded in 1986 by CEO, Tim Downey, in Chattanooga, TN to build residential communities and homes. Now a fully-integrated national company, we have diversified to provide large master-planned communities, single family communities, multifamily, mixed-use, office and retail properties.

Our Values

Our shared values are the foundation of our culture; they frame what we stand for and determine how we act.

We Are Humble – Time has taught us not to take anything for granted. We should be confident in our abilities yet remain humble and kind. We always treat others with kindness and in a manner in which we hope to be treated. 

We Are Open and Genuine in Our Communication– We provide insight and information constructively and frequently and address challenging situations with candor and mutual respect. 

We Are of Service– We treat every personal encounter as an opportunity to show respect and be helpful to our customers, team members, and stakeholders. We are hospitable, friendly, and strive to make connections without taking ourselves too seriously.  

We are Separate, But One – Our work is driven by small distinct teams that make the majority of decisions.  We break down barriers and seek to work as one Southern Land Company. We seek to accelerate others in pursuit of our mission.

We are Inclusive –  We collaborate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures. We nurture and embrace differing perspectives to make better decisions. We intervene if someone else is being marginalized.

We Care About Our Communities and The Environment – We collaborate with our neighbors and local stakeholders to bring value to their communities and minimize our impact on the local social fabric and environment. We are charitable and dedicated to committing one act of kindness, every day.

We Strive to Do Our Very Best—We aim for excellence and quality in every aspect of our work; both as individuals and a team.