“Welcome to Southern Land Company”

Tim Downey

Founder & CEO

It seems almost every town has that one beautiful neighborhood locals love to take visitors to see when they visit. It’s fun, and touring such places became a hobby for me. This is what led me to become a real estate developer. I believe that real estate can be a beautiful and sustainable work of art. Our hope is that every community we build will become a new special place that people love.

The unique structure of Southern Land was originally inspired by Walt Disney’s conviction that creativity, innovation, and team interaction create extraordinary results. Using that model, our fully integrated team of over 300 top professionals has built a reputation for building beautiful projects of unique character and national distinction. We have ingrained core values of integrity and ethical business practices into every aspect of the business since launching in 1986. We also share a culture of charity and community involvement that is spiritedly championed by our people everywhere we build.

Constant adaptation has led to diversification and steady growth. We have delivered market-leading single and multi-family homes, luxury towers, master-planned communities, and unique mixed-use projects across the country. I hope your experiences with Southern Land Company and our people are both fun and fruitful. Together, we can continue to create the extraordinary.

Tim Downey , CEO and Founder
Southern Land Company